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Our Social Programs
Al-Birr’s primary goal is to achieve social peace and communal harmony across the country. To actualize this, Al Birr organizes various social activities and awareness campaigns. Following are the activities under this program.

Legal Aid Clinic

Al-Birr Foundation Is a non-profitable organization which is registered with Charity Commission. We by the approval and collaboration with BDLAS ie Bombay District Legal Aid Services, have opened our first Legal Aid Clinic on 23th July 2016 for providing Free Legal Aid to underprivileged and Slum Dwellers.

Our Legal Aid Clinic provides free legal services such as Legal guidance and opinions, Drafting of Applications,Legal Documentation as per proceedings through our panel of expert and specialized advocates and lawyers in all Criminal, Civil and family matters.

Medical Champs

The purpose of this camp is to provide adequate medical facilities to the needy ill and sick people.To ensure their health, Albirr has a dedicated team of Professional Doctors and other medical assistants present in this camp.

Albirr also conducts free counseling to widows,disabled and senior citizens,within this camp.All the medical facilities and treatment are provided free of cost.Thousands visit,all are treated in a sophisticated way.

Legal Aid Camps

Prisoners Guidance: Al-Birr Foundation has undertaken extensive steps towards the rehabilitation of non-habitual offenders at Jails.

Al-Birr also provides financial aid to those inmates who have been granted cash bail by the local courts but are unable to make bail due to poverty or abandonment by their families.Our correctional treatment specialists, team up with criminal lawyers to provide legal and moral counseling to those prisoners deserving of a second chance. They help offenders develop relapse-prevention plans, steer them toward acquiring education, provide counseling and teach job skills.

Thus far, Al-Birr conducts sessions at Arthur Road, Byculla, Taloja, Thane and Kalyan jails with plans to penetrate further. Thousands of inmates have been counseled, many of whom have been integrated back into mainstream society. Regular follow-up sessions are a mandatory part of the process of rehabilitation. Results from these counseling sessions have been so encouraging that jail authorities themselves provide Al-Birr with lists of inmates they believe are deserving of a second chance!

Salvation Program Camps

A healthy person, a person who meets all the basic need and a person who is satisfied in all the manners of life believes that his health, wealth and pleasures of this world will come to an end at one particular day.

Man knows it very well, perhaps sometimes thinks at one corner of his house.How can I achieve ultimate pleasure, satisfaction and peace of mind?

It is only through the way of Our Creator, the Sustained,the Controller, Our care taker, the true God without any partner.Allah is his one name and he sent noble prophets to deliver the message of salvation at all ages and time.He revealed Zabur to Dawud,Taurah to Musa,Injeel to Isa and the last and final message Quran, to the last and final Prophet Muhammad .Quran is the book of guidance,book of way of life,book of healing a sick heart,book of just,book of rights,book of manners,book of character, book of legal and illegal matters,book of truth,book against the lies,book to know yourself,your family and tie,book of salvation from Allah,the almighty. 

Feeding The Needy

Food is the basic need of an individual. An individual is an important unit of the society and country, as a whole. If he is deprived of his basic needs, he gets deprived of inner peace and harmony. 

Blanket Drive

Many people in our nation are void of a house and shelter. They live alongside public streets in miserable conditions. Many die of diseases, out of hunger and cold during winters. Al Birr initiated a campaign called ‘Blanket Drive’ so that it can at least provide warmth to such people. Our dedicated team distributes blankets to many such families and individuals.Make India Better.

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